Cancel Rebill

Rebill API Endpoint:


To cancel a rebill, you need to send below parameters as GET to the rebill API endpoint.

username - Your Explodely account username

apikey - Your Explodely account API key

apiaction - This should always be set as "cancelrebill"

mainorderid - This is the initial order ID of Explodely rebill sale


The API endpoint returns a JSON object.

{"error":"invalidapikey"} - This is returned when the API key and username is not authenticated.

{"error":"invalid_mainorderid"} - This is returned when the mainorder ID provided is not valid.

{"error":"unauthorized_access"} - This is returned when the mainorder ID does not belong to the API user account.

{"rebillcancel":"done","mainorderid":"236084113"} - This is returned when the system tries to cancel the rebills associated with provided main order ID if any.

Please note that if the provided main order ID is valid order ID of the API user then the system will always return the above response even if there is no associated rebill instance to cancel.

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