Sale IPN

When a sale of any of your account product happens, sends a SALE type IPN to your IPN listener within a minute or two. The following parameters are sent to your IPN listener.

orderid => order ID of the sale transaction

type => sale

productId => Product ID of the sale

customerName => Customer Full Name

customerEmail => Customer Email

customerPhone => Customer Phone Number

affiliate => affiliate ID (if any else its blank)

amount => Amount of sale

vat => Sales tax of transaction (if any else its blank or zero)

saletimedate => Sale Time & Date In Format HH:MM:SS DD-MMM-YYYY

saletimestamp => Machine timestamp of sale

zipcode => ZIP Code of a customer

country => Country Code (2 Digit ISO) Of The Customer

billdesc => Descriptor For The Customer Charge

custom1 => Custom parameter 1 value

custom2 => Custom parameter 2 value

custom3 => Custom parameter 3 value

custom4 => Custom parameter 4 value

custom5 => Custom parameter 5 value

obselected => Will be set as “yes” if order bump is selected by the customer

ipadd => Customer IP address

The below 2 parameters will be sent if the sale is a rebill sale.

rebill => Will be set as "yes" always for rebill sales

mainorderid => Explodely order ID of the initial sale of the rebill sale

Other than the above parameters, following parameters will also be sent if your product is physical and not digital.

shipfullname => Full Name (Shipping Address)

shipaddress1 => Shipping Street Address

shipaddress2 => Shipping Apt/Suite/Other

shipcity => Shipping City

shipstate => Shipping State

shipcountry => Shipping Country Code (2 Digit ISO)

shipzipcode => Shipping Address Zip Code

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