Create Affiliate User

Affiliate API Endpoint:


To create an affiliate account on Explodely, send below parameters as POST to the affiliate API endpoint.

username - Your Explodely account username

apikey - Your Explodely account API key

apiaction - This should always be set as "createuser"

affusername - Username of affiliate account you wish to create

userpass - Password of affiliate account

fname - First name of affiliate user

lname - Last name of affiliate user

email - Email of affiliate user

ipadd - IP address of affiliate user


The API endpoint returns a JSON object.

{"error":"invalidapikey"} - This is returned when the API key and username is not authenticated.

{"error":"field_empty"} - This is returned when one or more fields provided are empty.

{"error":"username_exists"} - This is returned when the provided affusername already exists in Explodely system. In that case, you can retry with a new affusername.

{"usercreated":"ok"} - This is returned when the affiliate account has been created.

Please confirm the account creation using a test and in case of any issues, contact Explodely support.

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