Refund IPN

When a refund of any of your account transaction happens, sends a REFUND type IPN to your IPN listener instantly (or refund IPN listner if set separately within your account). The following parameters are sent to your IPN listener.

orderid => order ID of the sale transaction

type => refund

productId => Product ID of the transaction

customerName => Customer Full Name

customerEmail => Customer Email

customerPhone => Customer Phone Number

affiliate => affiliate ID (if any else its blank)

amount => Amount of refund (in negative)

refundtimedate => Refund Time & Date In Format HH:MM:SS DD-MMM-YYYY

refundtimestamp => Machine timestamp of refund

zipcode => ZIP Code of a customer

country => Country Code (2 Digit ISO) Of The Customer

billdesc => Descriptor For The Customer Charge

custom1 => Custom parameter 1 value

custom2 => Custom parameter 2 value

custom3 => Custom parameter 3 value

custom4 => Custom parameter 4 value

custom5 => Custom parameter 5 value

The custom1, custom2, custom3, custom4 and custom5 parameters will only be sent with the refund IPN if these were sent with the sale IPN. If not, these will be just blank.

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