Enabling IPN

IPNs by Explodely.com are not sent by default. To enable IPN sending, log in to your Explodely.com seller account and visit Product Settings page from products sub menu in the top. There you will see an IPN section, click on it to set the below fields as per your choice.

IPN URL – This should be the URL of the IPN listener (the script hosted at your end to process an IPN)

Send IPN – Set this as Yes to instruct Explodely.com system to send IPNs for your account transactions.

IPN Type – The IPN parameters can either be sent as GET or POST depending upon what you select here.

Refund IPN – You can set a different IPN URL for refund and chargeback IPN types here. If left blank, all IPNs will be sent to the IPN URL only.

Upon sale, refund and chargebacks, Explodely.com system sends IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) to your choice of IPN Listener (that is, the script or URL you set to send the IPN to inside your account). This allows Explodely vendors to automate the actions related to sale, refund and chargebacks inside their own CRM or database. A real world example of this is marking a sale at your end when a sale happens, generating an API key or disabling it on refund.

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